Why can't I get a tan?

Let us guess why you are here. Probably, even though you tan regularly, you haven't noticed any satisfying results. You use sunbeds but your legs are still unattractively pale. You may also have been searching for the best self-tanner but nothing seems to work the right way. We know this can be really frustrating so if you experienced any of the troubles mentioned above, please keep on reading to find out what can be cause and how the problem of your "untanable" skin can be solved.

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Tanning salon fails

This is how we would call all the tanning troubles arising from some technical problems or misusing the tanning equipment. In other words, it's crucial to know how and where to get your (indoor) tan. We know that there are crowds of tanners who strongly believe that their tanning schedule is the infallible one. In fact though, our guideline number one is asking for advice. It should be taken for granted that staff in a professional tanning salon is well-trained and can adjust the equipment, session duration and frequency to the customers' expectations and their natural ability to get tan. As a customer you are not expected to know the ins and outs of the tanning equipment but this is why you should rely on the customer service suggestions. Way too often tanners assume that one or two intense tanning sessions will suffice and will turn their dreams of off-the-beach tan into reality. As a matter of fact, only building your tan patiently and reasonably ensures the best result. We also recommend going through the reviews of the tanning salon you have chosen. Other customers can rate it highly only when the tanning equipment is serviced regularly and the staff is professional and helpful.

 love tan bronze bronzing deep dark medium

Your tanning session begins... at home

A pro tip number two: never skip your before-tan routine. It may be more troublesome for your skin to get tan when it is not prepared well enough before your tanning session. A body scrub or any other exfoliator can really do wonders with your tan, especially when it comes to its life. Dead skin cells cause an obstacle to UV rays which cannot reach the skin layers where the tan is created. Only when your skin is even, well-hydrated and smooth your tan can look dreamy.

 Holding an umbrella in the shower

Imagine walking into the shower with an umbrella above your head. Pretty ridiculous, don't you think? But this is an analogy to what you do when you use an SPF product during sunbed tanning, thereby wasting your time, money and a chance to get a nice tan. Think for a moment about the aim of using sunbeds and how it is different from sunbathing. Surely you will realize that one of the key differences lies in the ability to control the UV rays input which is possible only when you tan indoors. Tanning salon staff knows how to get a tan without forcing your skin to do it. What is more, you use sunbeds to save time or when you simply cannot tan outdoors. Taking this into account, using a sunblock makes it impossible for your skin to absorb enough UV rays to tan when you use sunbeds. Therefore, if you think a bottle of sunscreen can be used both outdoors and indoors, you are wrong and should leave it until you go outside to soak up the sun.

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If not a sunscreen, then what?

Do you apply a foot cream on your face or use a random detergent as a shower gel? Well, the answer seems obvious but it is worth highlighting that each type of tanning requires using different professional tanning products. We have heard a lot about skin irritations, smelly skin, streaks and stains which appeared after using wrong products when tanning in sunbeds. We also know that there is only one way to obtain the dream tan result with a shorter exposure time. What we mean are indoor tanning lotions. What sets them apart from other beauty products is the tan boost they ensure owing to tan accelerating and enhancing ingredients. What is more, they are superabundant in skin moisturizing and conditioning ingredients which help keep your tan skin nourished and youthful-looking. When you apply an indoor tanning lotion, you can be sure to get most out of each tanning session. Additionally, you can opt for some extras, such as the tingle effect which makes it easier to tan even the hardest to tan body areas, such as legs (try Very Sexy Legs) or bronzing intensifiers which combine both bronzing and maximizing powers, to be found in Noir Noir, She or Tattoo.

If you want to learn more about our leg-tanning tips, click here!

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Love your tan!

No, we are not talking you into an excessive tanning. What we mean is taking loving care of your tan skin. You need to bear in mind that tanned skin is more prone to dryness and, by the same token, to faster desquamation of the epidermis. And this is why it is so significant to keep your skin at ample hydration levels. What helps is drinking a lot of water and pampering your skin on regular basis with after-tan products, especially those enriched with panthenol, allantoin and other conditioning agents (such as aloe, natural extracts and oils).

 Alabaster complexion

The last but not least reason for problems with tanning may be your natural skin inability to get tan. According to the Fitzpartick's scale we can distinguish a so-called Celtic skin type which describes people of very fair complexion, blond hair and light eyes. A low level of melanin does not guarantee the sufficient protection against UV rays what results in lack of tan or burns. However, these days it is possible to get your dream holiday tan even if your skin is untanable. All you need to do is choose a professional sunless routine, either in a form of a spray tan applied by a trained professional or a self tanner you can apply at home on your own.

Read this short entry to find out what may be the best sunless choice for you!

If you have any further questions related to any form of tanning, please let us know! We are here to help you get the tan you have always wanted to have.

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