Tanning Lotions Categories

Professional cosmetics used in a tanning salons contribute to the fact that tanning is much more effective. What's more, they make the skin look even prettier. Are you new to this subject? Don't know what bronzers, accelerators, bronzing accelerators and face creams are? Don't worry, because in this article we will explain everything to you in detail.


These are tanning cosmetics, which in their formulas include substances that cause a reddening effect on the skin. As a result of these properties, blood flow is increased and the active ingredients are better absorbed. All this makes the tanning process itself occur faster. It is important that these products are intended only for advanced users. A perfect example of a product belonging to this category is Very Sexy Legs lotion.


Another important group of indoor tanning cosmetics are accelerators. These are among our most delicate cosmetics and do not leave spots on the skin. These products include special compositions that help achieve a basic tan. Most often, they also have a very large amount of moisturizing ingredients that make the tan last longer. They also allow you to keep the effect of a sun-kissed body for longer. One of the products in this group is Booster. In addition to its basic properties, the product is distinguished by a wealth of vitamins A, C, D and E and fatty acids that help achieve a youthful appearance of the skin.


So-called bronzers are often used in tanning salons. Thanks to them you can enjoy the fantastic effect of chocolate skin in a very short time. For better results it is advisable to use cosmetics that do not leave streaks. This way you avoid the risk of an uneven or unsightly orange tan. This is undoubtedly the case with Happy bronzer. Not only will it provide you with a satisfying solution, but it will also bring you more fun. The product stimulates the secretion of endorphins, or happy hormones. What's more, it also has an anti-stress and relaxing effect.


The last important category of tanning salon cosmetics are bronzing accelerators. The products moisturize well and help maintain the tan for longer. They are an ideal combination of ingredients found in accelerators and bronzers. As a result, the time spent on tanning bed sessions may be shorter, and the tanning effect deeper and more satisfying. In this category we have for you the Ultime cosmetic - a bronzing accelerator with specially selected bronzing and skin conditioning ingredients. It will give you a triple boost to your tan in a very short time. Black pearl extract will nourish your skin and make it look beautiful, while aloe vera and vitamin E will soothe irritations, moisturize and improve skin elasticity. Velvet Touch Oil, combining monoi, coconut and macadamia oils, will give your skin a heavenly smoothness and softness.

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