Protection of eyes, face and marks in tanning beds Part II

After the first article in this series, you are already aware of the importance of protecting your eyes while tanning in a tanning bed. Now it's time for the face. This is a special part of the human body. It is very delicate, thin, sensitive and more importantly, susceptible to external factors. They cause that you can see any imperfections very quickly, pigmentation spots, as well as wrinkles on the face. Does this mean that you have to give up tanning in a solarium? Of course not! But you should do it with your head! The most important thing is proper care. We've prepared a ser ies of cosmetics for you, which will help you tan safely. With Onyx products you can not only protect your face, but also take good care of it! Your face will be gently tanned, but also healthy and full of vitality. Before we begin, you need to know what complications you could face if you don't have the right protective barrier.

What can failing to properly protect your face while tanning in a tanning bed lead to?

Unwise tanning in a tanning bed can have serious consequences. Without proper protection, the light emitted by the lamps will reach deep parts of the skin and unfortunately cause irreversible changes. People who underestimate the problem often struggle with pigmentation spots, and notice a significant loss of firmness and elasticity. There is also destruction of blood vessels that supply the skin with vital substances.

When you do not take care of it properly, your adventures in the solarium will cause thinning of the dermis, as well as thickening of the stratum corneum. As a result, it will become dry and rough, which will facilitate the formation of wrinkles. All the mentioned complications (and there are many more) confirm the fact that proper face protection during tanning in a solarium is of considerable importance!

Is it enough for me to cover my face with a towel?

Many people think that covering the face with a towel or other material will protect against serious consequences. Unfortunately, this is a misconception! Reaching for it will only help you reduce radiation by 5 SPF. So you can see that using a cloth still provides too little protection.

So how do you effectively protect your face in a tanning bed?

The best way to do this is with the right cosmetics. That is where Onyx Cosmetics comes in! For sun-kissed skin that looks young and glowing at the same time. It is a good idea to enhance your facial attention tanning session with an Anti-Aging Facial Bronzing Accelerator. Thanks to green tea extract you can count on improved skin firmness. We also have cranberry and raspberry seed oil, which will take care of softness and give you a youthful glow. These ingredients will help you maintain an optimal level of hydration and enjoy a delicate tan. Another hero of our products is the accelerator that enhances the intensity and durability of the tan with Mystery's skin collagen synthesis activator. It is ideal in the form of components from the depths of the sea that restore the skin's natural balance. In addition, they also show moisturizing and energizing activity. The Collagen & Melanin Dynamics ingredient, on the other hand, is an excellent way to fix and intensify the tan. In this case, skin aging is reduced.

This is due to the activation of collagen synthesis, as well as the presence of such ingredients as coconut extract, avocado oil, cocoa butter and aloe vera. The cosmetic is enriched with vitamin E, which is called the vitamin of youth.

TS Bronzing Serum is the perfect solution. Its ingredients include honey extract, grape extract and aloe vera which have an incredibly soothing effect and more importantly, will leave you with a radiant and vibrant complexion. A rich combination of tan-enhancing substances such as UpTan System, Juglon and Lawsonia is the perfect combination for achieving a holiday tan in a short time.

Provide the best for your face, as it is your tool and your calling card when it comes to everyday life. And one more thing! Everything you do now will affect its appearance in the future. Remember this, because it makes a huge difference.

And now we wish you a good day and invite you to the last part of this series, which will be about the protection of your skin. We can only reveal that it will be very interesting. See you next time!

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